Monday, September 25, 2017


I'm often asked by clients how can you increase productivity without having to attend a full day training course.

Well here's my quick tip for you.

In business the natural tendency is to look outside the organisation for answers.
But many of the answers actually lie within.
After all no one, not even Google,  knows your business like the people who work in it.

One of the best things you can do is stop Googling for answers and  start talking to your team to find out what they know and how you can help each other. 

Don't make the assumption that whatever it is YOU know is the same as what everybody else knows.

What are you doing today to increase YOUR productivity this week?

Donna Hanson is a Productivity Expert, Speaker and Media Commentator who works with organisations who want to increase productivity, performance and profits with everyday technology.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

When I speak at conference, I am often asked, "How can I analyse my data when people keep entering items in differently?”

For many it can take hours of frustrating editing to fix in consistent data before it can be analysed. 

Elements such as a person’s surname that is regularly entered or a product description.

For many people the easiest thing to do is simply edit the data.  But it could all be avoided with some simple set up at the start.

You have to take time to make time!

This month think about WHERE the pointer could be useful for you.

Do you have lists of data your team utilise that vary just slightly resulting in extra work or frustration when you sort and filter or analyse it?

Take 5 minutes this month to have a chat with your team or your colleagues about whether this could work to streamline and reduce risk in your Excel spreadsheets.

The simple investment of 5 minutes could save you hours of stress and frustration when you least need it!


Useful for where you have a list of items from which you want users to select an option and keep the data consistent.

It’s useful for a list of names, product descriptions etc.

Here are the links to the PDF’s and videos below:

PDF How To in Excel 2016
PDF How To in Excel 2013

Video How To's
Droplists-MP4 Format

DroplistsWMV Format

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