Monday, August 12, 2013

HR & Social Media - One More Thing For HR Departments to Monitor

As if Human Resources Department's don't have enough to do!

Social media use by staff has hit the news again.

A warning for organisations that staff need to be reminded of policy or guidelines around technology usage relating to the organisation or risk termination.

A US employee was recently terminated for posting a photograph on his paycheck - along with some comments - on social media site Instagram. [More Here on Smart Company Website]

In May 2012 a Chief Financial Officer in the US lost his job as a result of Facebook and Twitter postings. [More here in Wall Street Journal]

Perhaps it's time to remind staff of the expectations associated with social media and their roles in your organisation.

How does your organisation "remind" staff of expectations around social media usage or does it do nothing?

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Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Ways to Make Your Computer Work for You - Part 5

The Final way to Make Your Computer Work for You

5. Clean Up
Empty your email deleted items folder and regularly cull and archive your computer network drive.  Try using more effective naming conventions for files or alternatively keeping a log of the files you create – allocating a number and then placing a description of the file contents beside it.  Place the file “number” in the footer of every page and your files will ALWAYS be easy to find.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Is it Time For Your Business to Hit the Training Track?

Excellent article by Michael Peiniger of Kameleons on why lack of training could be the reason why businesses are out of the game.

Using sporting analogies, Michael mentions how our attitude to sport and warming up [or lack thereof] as we get older means we are more likely to be injured.

The same applies in business.  If you don't "train" in whatever context that is, you will become weaker than your competition.

As former LA Lakers Championship coach Pat Riley once said "If you're not getting better, you're getting worse".

Food for thought as organisations globally look to gain a competitive advantage.

What training is your organisation undertaking and are you training hard enough to put you ahead of your competition or are you just jumping into the game hoping you don't get hurt?

Love to hear you thoughts.

Read Michael's full article here


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

5 Ways To Make Your Computer Work for You - No 4

Onto the Fourth Way to Make Your Computer Work for You.

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4. Interruptions
If you must leave your email open, at least switch off the pop up box and dinging of email notifications so that you can focus on the task at hand.  If you are in an office, work with your team to let them know not to interrupt you, but rather arrange a time to meet at the start or end of the day to review questions or close your office door.  Each time you are interrupted, by email or by physical interruption, you can kiss at least 5 minutes or more of your day goodbye.  If you are in an open plan office, try using technology such as ear buds or a headset to discourage others from interrupting you.  Other options to consider might be changing your desk placement so your vision isn’t disrupted by others moving by your desk.

Monday, August 5, 2013

5 Ways to Make Your Computer Work For You - No 3

Now for Number 3 in our series of 5 Ways to Make Your Computer Work for You.

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3. Automate

Use the tools in your computer software to automate tasks wherever possible.  Use Rules in email to filter and file less important information into folders where you can review it at a time that suits.  Like junk mail in the letterbox, some days you will want to look at it and others you won’t.  Try using tools such as templates and macros in Word & Excel to streamline tasks you do on a regular basis.

Friday, August 2, 2013

5 Ways to Make Your Computer Work for You - No 2

Hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the 5 Ways to make your computer work for's No 2

2.  Offline
Shut down your email, switch your phone to voicemail and work on one task at a time.  There is a plethora of research that suggests when you try to multi-task you end up either taking longer to complete tasks or worse, none of the tasks get done properly.  It is OK not to respond to email the minute it pops into your inbox.  In fact, it’s probably better that you don’t.  When we see an email pop into our inbox the automatic reaction is to open or read it.  Even if you close it down and say to yourself, I’ll do it later, you’ve probably wasted 15-30 seconds, then you need to remind yourself what you were doing and later when you back to it, you are going to have to re-read it again – you can kiss goodbye to at least 5 minutes +.  Do that 10 times in 1 day and there is almost 1hr gone….and we wonder why we don’t get much done some days.

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