Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Report shows Digital Overload the Nemesis of Productivity

Today's connected digital would has it's positives and negatives.

Enabling people to be connected and working from home is great, but a Workplace Productivity Report authored behavioural neuroscientist and an employment specialist found that 85% of survey respondents found they could be MORE productive at work.

80% of those surveyed said they responded to email at home.

The study found workers fell into a couple of generalised categories, "Early Adapters" and "Constrained Defeatists".

The report indicated the defeatists believed their productivity lack was caused by poor culture or outdated workplace practices, whereas adapters coped well with a 24/7 work cycle and were often employed by progressive organisations.

The report offers several time management tips that whilst simplistic and common sense, perhaps are no longer common practice???

What are your thoughts about technology in the workplace?
Are you in control or overloaded??

Worth a quick read here.

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