Friday, April 5, 2013

How Organisations are Reducing Absenteeism and Stress with Hollywood Technique

A recent Australian Financial Review article highlighted a workshop run by a connection of mine Carina Thomas of Pathways to Performance on the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique  is something most Hollywood actors or performers would have studied at some point.  The technique simply retrains us to use ourbodies correctly and avoid back and spine issues that are becoming so prevalent in society today. 

3 years ago when my husband underwent surgery to "shave" a bulging disc in his back his surgeon commented that this would be the new "workplace injury of the future".

One of the most notable results according to the article was from Victorinox, the Swiss Army Knife manufacturer has reportedly cut absenteeism by 42% over 5 years after the Alexander Technique was introduced into the workplace.

So could the Alexander Technique assist your organisation in reducing stress, absenteeism and potential workplace injury??   Or has your organisation implemented other strategies or tools?

Love to hear your comments.

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