Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 Mistakes Organisations Make With Technology & How You Can Avoid Them

Over the many years I have been training, consulting and presenting to large groups, I’ve noticed a lot about the WAY people tackle technology and the challenges it presents.

In the last four years in particular there has been a huge shift in the use of technology for business.

Gone are the days of a single computer being on every desk. Now there
may be a computer as well as portable devices such as laptops, netbooks, smartphones and tablet computers.

The business landscape has shifted as a result of:
    The introduction and explosion of Social Media,
    The "Boomer" generation commencing it’s workforce exit,
    Gen Y & Z employee numbers increasing

and the rules of business have altered significantly and permanently!

Now is a time of great change and transition. With the global economy still uncertain, many organisations are simply treading water.

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