Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Medium Sized Businesses Cutting Back on Staff Benefits

An interesting read in today's Financial Review on how some medium sized businesses are cutting back on the very things that help them attract and retain staff....benefits and training.

The article says training for business related skills fell from 76% of workplaces offering training in September 2010 to 67% in March 2012.  In the same period, training and development of personal or genral life skills dropped from 45% to 18%.

Keeping staff engaged and productive is KEY when things are tight.

In the article, Red Balloon Chief Executive Naomi Simson says relying on only financial benefits was "unbelievably short sighted".

Sometimes in times of business contraction and uncertainty the best thing you can do is communicate with, develop and support the foundation of the business...the staff.

Read the article here

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