Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 Things My Mum Taught Me About Email - Lesson 3

My mum has taught me lots over the years

3.    Create Your Own Personal Email Protocol.

“Just because Johnny does it, doesn’t mean it’s right”.  Mum’s words apply to email too.  We often just click the REPLY button by habit.  A simple way to do is create your own personal email protocol.  What does this mean?  Every time you receive an email and are tempted to hit REPLY, ask yourself if email is the best way to respond?  Would a quick phone call achieve the outcome you require more effectively?  Decide WHEN and HOW you are going to use email – are you going to send confidential information? When will you use cc or bcc?  Do you expect those people to take any action? 

As Mum always said, lead by example.  Show others how you use email and you will be surprised what happens.  Make the choice NOW to change the way you respond to email.  Not only will you be less stressed but you will be well on your way to RECLAIMing Your Inbox!

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  1. Thanks Donna, I have been taking your and your mother's advice and using the phone a lot more. What a simple yet great idea. I no longer feel addicted to email. thanks so much MaryAnne Bennie