Thursday, May 26, 2011

7 Deadly Sins Computer Users Make - No 4

4. Envy: Copying tactics that don’t fit your strategy

A Russian soldier stationed in West Berlin after the Second World War wandered into an empty house and saw an electric light bulb for the first time. Fascinated by this magic light-generating globe, he cut it off with his bayonet and put it in his knapsack so he could carry around the light with him wherever he went.

The same is true with computers. Don’t just do what somebody else tells you to do, unless you know why they do it]. If they are successful, what they are doing is just one part of their strategy. You can’t just pick up that one thing, put it in your bag, take it somewhere else and use it to light up your world.

For example, perhaps you know someone with magnificent computer skills.  You might be tempted to utilise a lot of the tips and tricks they show you to speed up your computer work, but is that correct?  Perhaps their needs for the computer are different to yours? Perhaps they have lots of time, perhaps they just love computers? Same applies to Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter….

By all means, look around to see what others are doing, but don’t just copy their tactics without understanding why and questioning if the tips really will make things easier and not harder or more importantly if they fit into your business or personal strategy!

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