Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playstation's Security Breach

Today's breaking story on Sony Playstation's security breaches is just another warning to consumers using the internet to be on guard!

USA Today newspaper reported last week that data thieves had targetted large organisations hacking in to access their customer email addresses. Organisations recently breached included Chase Bank, Verizon and Target. 

USA Today reports that in December, Honda advised hackers had stole the email addresses of over 2 million Honda owners.  The idea behind the theft is to Phish to get the receivers of emails to click links, in what looks like a legitimate email, and download mailicious programs or gain access to sensitive data like banking details.

What can you do??  Keep an eye out for emails that look legitimate but aren't - items like emails from your bank telling you to click to confirm details - banks NEVER do this.  If you aren't sure, don't click.  If you fear you have received such an email, contact the organisation purporting to be emailing you and let them know.

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Remember to always keep your virus checking software up to date and be alert....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Email Damages the Workplace

Another interesting article, this time on how workers are using email in the workplace to avoid blame and to be perceived to be busy.  Email was going to make communication easier, but it now seems it has created another set of problems - loss of face to face communication and people sending things via email that they wouldn't dream of saying to someone face to face.  We need to get back to basics and remind ourselves that email is A communication tool and not THE only communication tool.

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1 in 4 staff in the UK will consider deliberately damaging their PC to get a new one!

PC Advisor out of the UK have released an article indicating that 25% of 3,000 office workers surveyed in the UK, Germany and France, by on line back up service Rackspace, would consider deliberately damaging their computer in order to get a new PC at work.  The survey also revealed 40 percent of staff claim their aging PC is affecting their productivity at work.

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