Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queensland Floods - Are You Backed Up?

My heart goes out to those in Queensland affected by the floods.
I partially understand what they are going through, as on a smaller scale, prior to Christmas, I was in the unfortunate situation of being caught in a flash flood in my car with my 16 year old son not far from home.

It was a frightening experience and I must say the police, SES and my insurer AAMI were fantastic.

My hugely water damaged car [a 12 month old Mazda3] was written off and a brand new Mazda3 appeared in it's place prior to Christmas.  Thanks to Elisa at Ringwood Mazda and the AAMI team.

So how does this relate back to technology??

With so many families losing EVERYTHING in the floods, the one thing that may be saved could be precious photos or computer data.

Doesn't matter what your level of knowledge, there are some simple things you can do at no cost to store or "back up" your data in a simplistic way.

Explore these options
1. http://www.dropbox.com/ - free to store up to 2GB storage on line for free.  Use it to store photos or documents you need backed up somewhere.  You can get more space at no cost by referring friends to Dropbox. 
2. http://www.windowslive.com/ - create and account and you can access and store up to 25GB of files and data at no cost
3. Photo sharing websites such as http://www.photobucket.com/, http://www.flickr.com/ - there are plenty, so if you want to photo share these are great sites. 

Having a back up on the cloud [internet] means that whatever happens to your computer, precious memories can be retrieved.

So are you backed up???

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