Friday, December 31, 2010

Printing Your Holiday Snaps

If you are taking a heap of photos over the Christmas/Summer Holidays, don't just leave them on your camera, consider the following to share your memorys beyond the day you captured them.

Digital Picture frames
From as little as A$30 you can buy a digital picture frame [retail stores are a bit dearer so check on line].   I picked a 7" one up from for $29.95, plugged a $11 4GB USB stick [picked up from Woolworths supermarket] loaded it with photos and gave it to my mum and dad for Christmas.  They LOVE the frame and it has pride of place in the lounge room.  It is something they look at and remember special times without having to get dusty old albums out.

Internet Photo Sharing
If your family and friends are interstate or overseas you may want to share your photos over the internet.  You can use free sights such as and but I prefer sites such as where you can invite friends to look at documents and pics in folders - up to 2GB it is free.  The benefit of Dropbox is that if you refer friends you can get more space for yourself but it automatically syncronises your files so it is easy to drag and drop photos into folders once you have set it up.  You don't even have to remember your log in!!!

Physical Pics - the old fashioned way
There might be some photos you physically want to print out.  You could buy yourself a photo printer [who knows your current PC printer may be able to print if loaded with photo paper], but the cheapest way to print out some snaps is to load them onto a USB stick or take your memory card to your local Harvey Norman, KMart, Big W or Officeworks type store.  Shop around as some have specials where you can print photos for as low as 9c each!  Most major shopping centres will have at least 1-2 places where you can print out photos.

So don't let your wonderful Christmas holiday memories gather dust....get them reminding you of the fun you had.

Happy New Year

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