Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Tips to Clear Your Computer Clutter

Start this month with a commitment to living in harmony with your computer.

1.       Check Your Files & Folders.
Are all your files in folders or are they filed loosely in My Documents or a network drive?  Now is the time to check over where your files are stored and see if your computer filing cabinet needs a revamp to keep pace with your business or personal needs.  Start by writing down categories for your documents and plan what you will put where.  You can always move files around later, but the important thing is to have some structure to make them easier to find when you need them.
         If filing isn’t your strong point, get some help to get re-organised.  There are many small businesses that provide office support that will come to you! If you are in a larger organisation, ask colleagues how they store their files.

2.      Delete or Archive Files
Are there files on your computer that you no longer need?  Delete them.
Are there files on your computer that you need but not that often?  Archive them by moving/copying them to a CD or external hard drive.
3.      Clear the computer desktop
Do you have unnecessary icons or files on the computer desktop?
         Clear up your desktop by moving any you no longer use to the recycle bin.

4.      Empty your Recycle Bin
         Even if you are on a network, from time to time items you delete may end up in the recycle bin.  Empty it out by right clicking on the Recycle Bin and choosing Empty Recycle Bin.

5.      Clean your computer
         Give your computer the once over with a soft cotton cloth and specialty wipes for your computer screen.  Do this with the computer off, clean the mouse by undoing the casing, taking the ball out and blowing the dust out (close your eyes first!).  Don’t forget to clean the keyboard too.

Wishing you increased productivity and harmony with your computer.